Nodinite has many infrastructure-related monitoring features. We have customers who used SCOM (or Tivoli, Nagios/OP5, Solarwinds and so on) before Nodinite. Some of them have replaced SCOM/X with Nodinite.

One big difference with Nodinite, compared to SCOM, is the ability to enable self-service for the business (or any stakeholder).

  • Role-based access
  • Remote Actions means that corrective actions can be taken (this includes operations against applications/services in the cloud AND n-premise -resources)
  • Audited operations, every sensitive operation is in the Audit log. No blame game, crystal clear who did what when

Another significant advantage of Nodinite is the documentation feature. Part of the Monitoring is a clever way to provide documentation (including Knowledge base articles) about what is being monitored. This feature means less risk and higher personal independence. In the end, higher quality of service.