Nodinite strengthens the top by recruiting a new chairman!

To strengthen Nodinite’s ability to scale up its operations, Martin Sjöstrand has been recruited as the board’s new Chairman. He takes office with immediate effect. Former Chairman of the Board Henrik Ericsson returns to total focus on operational activities.
Martin is currently CEO of Lexplore. He adds expertise from building international product companies and outstanding leadership qualities.
Nodinite is leveraging on its success in the Nordic market. The goal is to create a leading international product business in monitoring, and controlling system integrations and message flows. The starting point is an established domestic market with almost 100 customers, exclusively large and well-known brands.

“I have been studying Nodinite since June and following their exciting development. I am honoured to have been commissioned as Chairman of the Board of Integration Business Software i Sverige AB*). The goal of my assignment is to support the development of a leading international company in this fast-growing segment”, comments Martin Sjöstrand on his new assignment.

*) Integration Business Software I Sverige AB is the official name of the company called Nodinite.

A brief 2021 market outlook

Another year with a pandemic hit the world. Industries around the globe have been severely affected and have survived due to substantial financial support packages. Yet, as a paradox, the IT sector, in general, is growing!

  • Our home turf, the Enterprise Application Integration market, including integration platforms such as Azure, Mulesoft, Boomi, BizTalk, continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to a recent report from Mordor Intelligence, the market size is increasing from 9,65 BUSD in 2020 to an estimated 22,35 BUSD by YE 2026.
  • Digitalization is a reality everywhere. The digital workplace with distance working has become the new normal for Nodinite and most of our fellows in the IT space. A meeting now is not about time and place, only about time. We are more efficient with less time spent on travelling, moving around in the office or lunch with colleagues in the short term. The long term effects of distance working remain to be seen.
  • The demand for IT competence has reached new record levels. Already 7% of the total Swedish workforce is IT-staff, i.e. 350,000 out of 5 million workers*). Despite this, the gap between demand and supply is vast and increasing. A Swedish employer organization claims there will be a lack of 70,000 IT staff by 2024.
  • A growing consolidation trend in the market for Systems Integration consultancy, e.g. in Sweden, Orango becomes part of the European Fellowmind group, Visolit becomes part of the Nordic group Advania. In 2019, Finnish Solita acquired Ferro Logic creating a Northen European player.
  • The demand for managed applications and systems integration services is increasing due to digitalization and lack of competence.

*) according to an estimate by Eurostat 2019. Sweden is the European country with the highest proportion of IT staff, followed by Finland.

Senior Software engineer for next generation Nodinite

Nodinite is accelerating! The product Nodinite is in use by close to 100 large companies, including 12 of Sweden’s 100 largest. In 2021 a record number of new customers were added. We are getting ready for a global market. Are you ready to join us?

We are looking for an experienced and competent Senior Software Engineer. You currently work as a full-stack developer, and you have experience working in agile teams to achieve challenging goals. As an expert software engineer at Nodinite, you will work together with the team to drive the vision and development of Nodinite™. You will work in the following areas:

  • Analyze market and customer requirements from a technical perspective.
  • Join our product council.
  • Participate and in some cases lead work with product planning.
  • Specify user scenarios, requirements, functions and test cases.
  • Program and verify.
  • Document for Nodinite users.
  • Release management
  • Interact with Customers / Partners.
  • Educate Customers Partners.
  • Complex problem solving.

The position is permanent employment. We offer competitive salaries and terms.

Our location is in Karlstad, but for us, your profile is more important than where you perform the daily work.

About you

We are looking for you who constantly want to get better and learn new things. Your drive forward has created a curiosity that makes you dare to try new paths and question existing solutions. We want to move forward, upwards, and you must want to go in the same direction.

You can communicate and is sensitive to the business and end-users needs. You thrive on taking a leading role where you are humble and skilled at sharing knowledge. Focusing on set goals and delivering results is what motivates you.

You have a relevant university education and/or many years of experience, preferably in computer science or equivalent and have competence in:

  • Developing SaaS and distributed applications
  • .NET and good competence in C #
  • GIT
  • Javascript, AngularJS and/or React
  • HTML (5) + CSS (3 and later) including SASS or LESS
  • Device, integration and system tests

Of course, you express yourself very well in English but preferably also in another language.

It is an advantage if you have worked with product development and product life cycle.

Other meritorious competencies are:

  • Solutions for authentication, authorization and access management
  • Work with platforms (eg Azure, AWS, BizTalk Server, Anypoint, Boomi) and other technologies for integration between systems / applications.
  • NodeJS
  • SQL Server
  • UX and has been involved in developing new, modern and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Product development within product companies.

About us

Nodinite™ is a unique product for control, monitoring and error handling of message flows and systems integrations. The market is global and is snowballing. To ensure continued success and growth, we have extensive plans to develop Nodinite ™ and therefore need to strengthen our team.

Our ambition is to become the recognized leading player in System Integration Maintenance Software (SIMS), focusing on increasing the automation of operation and maintenance of systems integrations and thereby helping our customers free up resources to use in their core business.

Nodinite™ is currently available to close to 100 customers in both the private and public sectors in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the USA. In addition, 12 of 21 regions and 12 of Sweden’s 100 largest companies use Nodinite.

Want to know more about the company? Visit our website or check out our technology at

About the employment process

We run this employment process ourselves. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact Henrik Ericsson, responsible for strategies, HR, and partners on mob. +46 (0)705 78 48 66

The last day to apply is the 31st of December.


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Nodinite is not affected by Log4J

Nodinite is not affected by the vulnerability in the Log4J library.

The logging platform Apache Log4j Java library has been under attack since a vulnerability was discovered on Friday, December 10th.

The finding is shaking software vendors and service providers around the globe. The weakness in the standardized method of handling log messages in software has had a severe impact on almost every software vendor in the industry, including e-games, streaming services, and e-commerce platforms.

Nodinite does not include Log4J. Therefore this security breach does not affect Nodinite users. However, if you use Log4J, you should update to the latest version where the issue is solved.

More information from Apache here.

Increased demand for Nodinite

Nodinite fills a void in the market, where large organizations increasingly need to manage and control message flows. e.g. orders, in their increasing complex landscape of systems integration. A landscape with a mix of integration technologies used, e.g., point-to-point file transfer, web services, message queues, and integration platforms.

  • 24 large enterprises are added to the list of customers during 2021. An all-time high!
  • 500% increase in Nodinite requests from new geographical markets. An all-time high!
  • 150 system integration specialists and IT architects attended our Nodinite 5.3 launch webinar. An all-time high!
  • 90+ large and well-known enterprises use Nodinite. An all-time high!
  • 12% of Sweden’s 100 largest companies by turnover use Nodinite. An all-time high!
  • 15 out of Scandinavia’s most prominent integration agencies and license resellers now offer Nodinite. An all-time high!
  • 6 integration agencies have selected Nodinite as their default tool for their managed service offer. An all-time high!
  •  220 self-service views were configured for a single organization. An all-time high!
  • 70% reduced IT incidents when Nodinite became the primary tool for business support. An all-time high!

Nodinite: Boomi’s first Technology Partner in Sweden

Nodinite and Boomi logo

We are happy to announce that Nodinite is now Boomi’s first technology partner in Sweden. Nodinite adds great value to the Boomi platform by providing users true end-to-end visibility and control over their system integrations and message flows.

“At Boomi, we know that our customers always choose best of breed. In addition to Boomi, they are often using other platforms and technologies. In such a complex technology landscape, Nodinite is a key tool for all messages being sent over various platforms. Nodinite enrichens Boomi, adding logging and monitoring as well as offering documentation, knowledge base, self-service, and much more.” – Mads Rasmussen, Partner & Alliances Manager, Nordics at Boomi

Nodinite provides true end-to-end logging, monitoring and documentation for all system integration and messages flows, from legacy to cloud. Nodinite is an all in one tool for integration management, DevOps, support and maintenance. With Nodinite, users are always aware, can control vital message flows and can rapidly act on deviations. Nodinite democratizes data, provides full landscape visibility and increased control for business users. More than 80 leading brands in the northern Europe region is using Nodinite.

Additional Resources Nodinite

Boomi instantly connects everyone to everything with our cloud-native, unified, open, and intelligent platform. Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is trusted by more than 15,000 customers globally for its speed, ease-of-use, and lower total cost of ownership. As the pioneer at fueling intelligent use of data, Boomi’s vision is to make it quick and easy for customers and partners to discover, manage, and orchestrate data, while you connect applications, processes, and people for better, faster outcomes.

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What’s new with Nodinite 5.3

Micheal Olsson, CEO and Head of Innovation, summarizes the news in Nodinite 5.3 as follows.

1. Release Nodinite 5.3 – What’s new

One of the major features introduced with Nodinite 5.3 is the role-based security to include the Nodinite Repository Model. The general idea is to invite other parts of the business to contribute to System Integrations Solutions’ documentation. In my presentation, I showcased the experience from both the Administrative perspective and the end-user perspective.
The addition of Markdown and mermaid diagrams provides benefits to the documentation. An image says more than a thousand words.

2. Azure end-to-end demo

We at Nodinite see the evident migration now happening with moving from on-premise to the cloud. Microsoft and the Azure platform is trending. We have invested a lot of time to ensure that Nodinite provides excellent monitoring and logging for all EAI Azure Services. I showed how Nodinite successfully replaces Azure Monitoring, The Azure Portal, and other tools like the Service Bus Explorer. In the demo, I invoked a monitored Azure API Management Service API directly from Nodinite. With the policy based Logging and the plug and play diagnostics logging in Azure, I was able to show the verbose Logging in every step (payload and Context). The Logging included the API Request, invoking a Logic App Invoking yet another Logic App and then back with the Response in the API. All in all, 20 events. In this case, grouped by a correlation Id (x-ms-client-tracking-id).

3. Security

With Nodinite 5.3, we provide an even more secure product than ever. Because another tool got hacked earlier this year, we are now part of the nightly builds performing dependency checks against reported problems with 3rd party libraries. In this part of my session, I took the chance to emphasize the existing other things we do to ship the product securely and ensure that we are the binaries’ authentic publisher.

4. Updating to Nodinite 5.3

In Michaels last topic, he showed how existing customers could update their environments to the latest version. A process that should take less than a minute to perform.

Boliden and Nodinite

Boliden and the IT-department  

Boliden is a metal industry with a turnover of 50 billion Swedish crowns with mines and smelters, mainly in Sweden and Finland, delivering and selling copper, zinc, lead, gold, and silver worldwide.  

Boliden’s integration landscape:  

  • 40 connected large application  
  • 400 integration flows  
  • 400 000 messages a day  

Nodinite at Boliden  

Boliden’s systems integrations platform has business rules and business logic. When something goes wrong with the message flow, it’s 99% of the times because of the business logic or business ruling not accepting the data. By introducing Nodinite in steps (agile implementation) to the business side, they could see that it wasn’t a problem with the system integrations solution but the data itself.     

Shared Responsibility  

Boliden’s ICC makes a clear distinction between the data in the integration platform that they own and the business’s data. The business knows the data structure by adding the Nodinite layer when the data is rejected or accepted in the integration bus. They can decide whose responsibility it is to do a root cause analysis of the problem.    

“Errors should be fixed from the root.”  

It’s easy to decide whose responsibility it is to do a root cause analysis of the problem. The ICC has involved the business in having access to Nodinite to understand and fix the issues. The business side can make a solution themselves and resend the message without the involvement of the ICC.  

In Boliden’s IT-department, the policy is to have errors corrected in the sending system; Errors should be dealt with by the sender, the ICC should not repair and/or resend the messages.  

The power of Nodinite  

From the beginning, the purpose of introducing Nodinite is to ensure that message flows like systems and applications, runs as designed. Has the receiver received the sent message? 

Before Boliden implemented Nodinite; The ICC couldn’t prove that a message is indeed successfully delivered to the receiving application.  

This situation caused many questions from the business side. The Nodinite implementation provides logging and monitoring to remedy this situation. During the installation and the start of using Nodinite, they discovered other ways to use the tool. And they saw the other possibilities Nodinite is now accessible for the whole organisation.  

In the beginning, the setup for Nodinite was small and easy. Then they started a project around Nodinite to implement it in on all the integrations in Boliden and use it as a standard framework for all the logging and monitoring.  

The Business side  

The business side has a great value of using Nodinite. As soon as only a few people on the business side saw the benefits of using Nodinite, incremental usage was fast spread. The business side can now understand and solve their problems. They have also gained a better understanding that the data they send significantly impact other systems. This new knowledge now leads to changes in their processes. In the end, the result is more efficient digitalisation and processes 

“Now, we use Nodinite when we develop integrations. We look at how the data looks when it’s going between systems. It is more than a monitoring tool for us. We use Nodinite for everything.”     

The results  

Before introducing Nodinite, the integration team was seen as the black hole where the data went in. It was hard for people to understand what happens to the data inside the integration. The ICC worked hard to dig up the faulty messages to show the business side that this is how the data looks. Troubleshooting was a big part of their job before Nodinite. After implementing and extending the usage of Nodinite, the ICC rarely get any questions. They are transparent with the data when it flows in and when it flows out.  

Return on Investment  

“If we take everything into consideration, the ROI is 3-4 months”. It was an excellent project installing and extending the usage of Nodinite. The project released on January 1st 2021.  

“We will continue to save both time and money, thanks to Nodinite.” 

Nodinite Highlights of 2020 – summarize the year with us

Nodinite extends its reach by adding new functions and agents

During the last 12 months, 80 customers have benefitted from Nodinites unique set of features that significantly improves their day-to-day operations of systems integrations. By saving money, increasing service quality and releasing competence, Nodinite helps to speed up organizations’ overall work digitalizing their business.

During the year, Nodinite has added new monitoring and logging agents for Azure, Boomi and WSO2 integration platforms. These features mean that organization using any of these technologies can benefit from using Nodinite.

The 5.2 version was giant and improved the Nodinite core services. See the webinar here. The next version, Nodinite 5.3, has been pre-released to a few selected customers. Focus on this version is extending the Role-based security to include also the Nodinite repository model and the possibility. Also, how long time to store message context and body, respectively.

We believe Nodinite’s unique position as the only tool in the space of Systems Integration Maintenance Software, SIMS, that can keep control of all system integrations and message flows regardless of implementation technology.

ATEA gives thumbs up for Nodinite

Atea is the leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Nordic and Baltic region with NOK 37 billion in revenue and more than 7,000 employees. Atea is present in 85 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Its headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway. The company sells, installs, and supports products from Citrix, VMware, Apple, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, IBM, Readdle and others.

“ATEA plans to increase the usage of Nodinite™ to all integrations and other services throughout the entire ATEA group.” – Andrejs Skiteckis, Head of Integration Services at Atea Group IT.

Read here to learn more about how they benefit from using Nodinite.

Nodinite hires key professionals to join a global journey

In order to capture the global SIMS opportunity Nodinite could in August present Agni Cedene as our new head of sales and marketing. Agni brings with here the competence to scale up sales by using digital marketing.

To further meet market demand for the development of new products and features we are now hiring a senior developer for a leading role. To join our journey take a look at our ad here.

Folkspel joins 80 others in choosing Nodinite

A picture of the logos of Nodinite and Folkspel

Nodinite sending some love to Folkspel

Folkspel needs to connect the increased amount of system integrations and regain control over messages sent between its own IT systems. When Folkspel was to acquire a system for monitoring, logging, self-service and troubleshooting, the choice fell on the Swedish-based product company Nodinite.

“We are pleased to welcome Folkspel to the Nodinite family. Folkspel, a lottery company, adds another industry to our diversified customer portfolio. It strengthens what we already know; Nodinite is a given product for all organizations with many and critical system integrations – regardless of industry.” says Nodinite’s CEO, Michael Olsson.

Folkspel is a Swedish gaming company that arranges lotteries. The owners are 73 Swedish national organizations. Since 1991, Swedish Lottery Inspectorate (Lotteriinspektionen) monitors the operation. Folkspel has distributed SEK 16.8 billion to Swedish associations. In 2019, Folkspel allocated 232 million to the association life.