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We minimize failures in message flows

We help companies with system integrations to minimize failures, covering the complete lifecycle.

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The Big 7 System Integration
Monitoring Tool Trends in 2023
The Big 7
System Integration
Monitoring Tool
Trends in 2023
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Assess & Select the Right System Integration Monitoring Tool
Supercharge your Azure Monitoring with Nodinite!
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Azure Monitoring and Logging: The Seamless Solution
Azure Monitoring
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The Seamless
Kazoku Develops Nodinite ActiveMQ Monitoring Agent
Azure Monitoring
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Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide in all industry sectors

Take control of your workflows.

  • Democratize data
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Automate actions
  • Democratize data
  • End-to-end visibility

  • Automate actions


Document your system landscape to get a deeper understanding

Design and document your system integrations to combine documentation with logging and monitoring. It provides governance and control of your service portfolio and data to automate the incident handling process.


Log everything across all platforms to gain control

Logging is necessary for all error handling. It does not matter if you are searching for bills or customer data. With Nodinite you will always be able to find it. Nodinite provides central logging with self-service for the business and non-events alerts.


Monitor all business critical workflows to reduce stress

Nodinite has built-in support for monitoring many different integration platforms and since Nodinite is built on an API architecture, our SDK’s provide a simple way for you to monitor basically everything.

The supported technologies

Nodinite supports
50+ more technologies.

Nodinite support commonly used integration techniques and platforms including iPaaS, and in addition many related services. With Nodinite you need only one tool to get control of your integration landscape.


Monitor and manage your Azure related services without any changes to the existing solutions. Supercharge your Azure monitoring network.

Microsoft BizTalk Server

Monitoring and logging for all your BizTalk integrations. Replaces BAM completely. Includes auto-healing features.


Monitoring and logging for Boomi Integrations. No need to make any changes to the existing Boomi Integrations solutions.


Enable end-to-end monitoring and logging from the Mule ESB/MuleSoft platform (on-premise and in the cloud).


Monitor and logg your IBM related integrations using the agents for IBM MQ, IBM DataPower Gateway and IBM integration bus.


Get alerts whenever there are anomalies in message logging. The Non-Events Monitoring Agent for Nodinite alerts you when needed.


Apache Camel


File Transfer

API / Web applications

Log File Parser

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft SQL Server


Windows Server


50+ more technologies, services and resources are supported by Nodinite.

How does Nodinite work?

Let us show you how Nodinite can create value for you from the first day. Start your free trial today.

  • ROI in one month
  • 70% reduced support tickets to IT
  • Solve errors in minutes instead of hours

  • Trusted by the leading companies

What do they say about Nodinite?


Find out why some of the most well known organisations in the Nordics use Nodinite in their daily operations.

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”Nodinate is our primary tool for our BizTalk transactions. Without Nodinate we would have a lot of reactive response on different tasks that we otherwise couldn’t handle.”

/Jens Lindgren, OVAKO

Andrejs Atea

Andrejs Skiteckis
Director, ADS Integration Services

“By using the Nodinite self-service function we are saving the IT group many hours since it allows us to search and find transactions by ourselves without having to make a request to the central IT group.”

Magnus Linell System analyst

Magnus Linell
Systems Analyst


”Troubleshooting, business support, monitoring, logging, ocumentation, alarm management, remote control and self-service are all areas where Nodinite helps us save time.”

Linda Malmros
BizTalk Developer

”The business can see for itself what is coming through, for example, X-rays with test results to the journal, financial transactions, and much more.”

Daniel wennlind

Daniel Wennlind
Integration specialist


”Nodinite was selected because of its strength as a complete product for the complete integration chain, from development and logging to support and management.”