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5.1 Release Notes

Last Updated: February 22, 2022|

Formula – All new Search Field Expressions Plugin

You hide it, we find it! Learn how to extract and modify returned values from just about any data structure

Formula plugin helps you to extract any value from any given message by applying solely one of the listed functions or by using a combination of them (nested functions) on your content. The formula plugin works like formulas for example in Excel (with functions as listed in reference table below).

The data can be retrieved no matter if it is part of the message body or context.

Permission Sets

Nodinite is a role-based platform, allowing you and your organization to enforce different security policies while working with Nodinite.

Nodinite 5.1 additional settings impact what users can do or not do, e.g. a user might has access to a certain monitoring view, but cannot view the messages’ body. However, another user, in a different role, has access to the same view, but can actually view the messages’ body.

Repository Relations – Manage Large Repositories

What integrations are using System X? What changes in a system have different impacts? How do you know?

In Nodinite 5.1 it is easier to get answers to those questions, since relations are visualized.

Visualize logged events using the Six-Sigma Inspired Timeline

Six Sigma is a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating defects in a product, process or service.

Do you have long running processes? And do you know where the bottleneck is?

Nodinite 5.1 comes with a new and modern way to visualize logged events which helps you to understand your processes. Enabling you to reduce lead time and create a foundation for further process optimization.

Distributed Notifications History – Where did the Alarm go?

Did you ever experience alarms not being sent? How do you know that Nodinite did not send the alarm?

The all new Distributed Notification History tab in Monitor Views allows you to easily see what type of alerts have been sent and were they successfully delivered. One-click to know it all!


Landscape Improvements

With Nodinite 5.0, we introduced the Landscape. A modern and intuitive way to draw and understand your system integrations.

Nodinite 5.1 includes multiple changes, which makes it easier and even more intuitive to work with:

  • Resize your systems
  • Change direction of services / contracts

SQL Server Always On – Higher Availability?

From now on, Nodinite supports SQL Server Always On and enables full high-availability.

The installer natively detects and uses SQL Server Always-On features from SQL Server 2016 or later. Full support for named instances, readable secondaries are not required and automatic synchronization of databases is set. Ready for your SQL Server Always On needs.

How to get Nodinite 5.1

Are you a new customer? Request a demo and we will make sure we will get you started!

Are you an existing customer? Visit the all new Nodinite Portal, register and get started by downloading Nodinite 5.1 and update your environment.

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